Rotten Food Cookbook

We don’t take food safety seriously, so you can.

The Rotten Food Cookbook is a parody cookbook that mixes recipes with disasters and then provides tips on how to avoid the problems.

Amazon Best Seller

Amazon Best Seller
Within a day of publishing we shot to number 1. Thank you to everyone who had bought the book and then supported me by getting the eBook. You can get your own copy from Amazon

What Our Readers Are Saying

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A refreshingly quirky and humorous expose the dirty secrets of the food service industry, but with some deadly serious ‘take-away’ messages that will resonate with anyone who has ever worked in the food service industry

Rosemary Nicholson September 11, 2015

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This is very, very boring. I am telling you now.

(Totally misquoted) September 11, 2015

Social Media Coverage Guaranteed

The Rotten Food Cookbook is a parody cookbook that mixes recipes with disasters and then provides tips on how to avoid the problems.

Imagine having the secret to instant social media coverage. Imagine such fame that the local media cannot help but take notice. Imagine having the TV stations knocking on your door desperate to talk to you.

Imagine no more. With these awesome disgustation recipes you will have business repeating like never before. Customers will be telling the world of the experience they had. They won’t be able to hold it in.

These are big promises, but experience has shown it only takes one day to take a restaurant from obscurity to the leading story on the national news. It only takes one dish to take apathetic customers to the Facebook equivalent of a lynching mob.

The secret is to serve rotten food onto their plate.

In this book I show you some quick and easy ways to turn a harmless meal into a business-crushing force not to be reckoned with.

Inside the Book

18 unforgettable recipes

From Oysters KilledPatrick to Chicken Seizure Salad to Chocolate Moustake, and finishing with EggBog we have the entire meal covered.

Food poisoning facts

It’s one thing to laugh at Salmon Ella, but we back it up with a sprinkling of facts.

Food temperature poster

The temperature poster is a simple reminder of the critical temperatures. Need a FREE A4 laminated version, just ask us.

Food safety checklist

A quick check list will help you see how you stack up, or if you will leave your customers gagging.

Links to great resources

Our goal was to be a small prod, not a huge hammer. Links take you some great resources while allowing us to keep the book short and sweet.

Bad puns

But best of all are the dad jokes. These jokes are really, really bad like “which one came back up first, the chicken or the egg?”

Rotten Food Cookbook

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