About me

Why did I write The Rotten Food Cookbook?

The idea was suggested to me by an advertising expert (Adam from Step Change Marketing). His advice was “when you ask someone ‘do you monitor your fridges’ and they say ‘no’ then you say ‘this may come in useful for when your fridge fails – it is The Rotten Food Cookbook‘”. So it was mainly a joke with a point to it. That night, we joked about the types of recipes it could contain and it was a really good laugh.

The following day, I was watching Les Miserables and suffering the ill-effects of a roach coach from the previous day and it really started to make sense. Food safety is such a big issue and any reminder is a good thing.

What really made me realise how much potential the book had was when I saw a chef make a Chicken Seizure Salad right in front of me. I could not get out of that cafe fast enough, and I did not eat there. It was two days after I had written the recipe and there it was happening. My joke cookbook was no joke.

About the author

I refuse to write about myself in the third person…

My company, OnSolution, has the motto “Saving Time, Saving Lives, Saving Reputations”, and I think it sums up what I have been trying to achieve over the years. The only thing I think is missing is “Saving people’s sanity”. Through the software I write (yes, I’m an engineer), the courses I run, the products I sell, and the books I write, I try to make sure that they are making people’s lives better.

Guest speaker

Need a guest speaker for an event? I am available for talks on food safety or small business marketing.

Like The Rotten Food Cookbook, you won’t be getting a straight talk about facts and figures, but an energetic romp through what’s really important.

I am based in Sydney but if your event is in a nice tropical resort, I am sure we can come to some arrangement.