Hand Washing


Hand Hygiene

Hand washing is critical for everyone working in the medical and hospitality industries. We all know it, but how many people actually know how to wash their hands effectively?

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Glitterbug is a fun way to demonstrate and test hand washing techniques.. Simply rub it into your hands, wash, and then use the UV light to see how well you washed. The results may shock you!

Many diseases spread due to improperly washed hands. GlitterBug helps you and your staff keep the work place healthy for everyone to enjoy.

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The ST-100 Model is our flagship model and is the pinnacle of portability and functionality! It has an LCD display and countdown timer with alarm sound when rinse cycle is completed. This will leave plenty of time for the user to pump soap, lather up, and finish washing and rinsing under the water for the remaining 20 second minimum.

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Temperature Control


Food Temperature

A food business must, at food premises where potentially hazardous food is handled, have a temperature measuring device that is readily accessible and can accurately measure the temperature of potentially hazardous food to +/- 1ºC.

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Temperature Logger

Temperature Control is vital in a number of industries, such as in the hospitality, transportation, and medical industries. Wherever there is a need for temperature control, there is a need for temperature logging.

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Wireless Temperature Logger

For the same price as a traditional temperature logger you can have a wireless sensor or logger. Have the benefits of live updates and immediate alerts sent to your phone, as well as easy reporting.

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LogTags are dead simple to use. Configure your logger with our easy-to-use software, hit ‘start’ and you’re ready to go. It’s that easy!

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The Thermocron Data Logger is the best way to constantly monitor and record environmental temperature and humidity, without resorting to paper, pen and mercury. Thousands of people around the world are using their Thermocron – right now – and they don’t even have to think about it.

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Bait Safe

Life’s great up there in the roof and there’s the added bonus that much of the food we love to eat ourselves is also on the Rodents shopping list. Rats and mice can be found in and around every city, town and farm on the Continent. It is a conservative estimate that there is one rat for every person living in Australia alone.

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Food Authority

The NSW Food Authority is the government organisation that helps ensure food in NSW is safe and correctly labelled.

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Barf Blog is where Drs. Powell, Chapman, Hubbell and assorted food safety friends offer evidence-based opinions on current food safety issues. Opinions must be evidence-based – with references – reliable and relevant. The barfblog authors edit each other, often viciously.

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Clinisorb was originally designed for the medical industry to provide safe removal of Medical Liquid Waste. But its simple and rapid cleanup of spills makes it ideal for restaurants, cafes, tiled areas. In fact, Clinisorb should be used almost everywhere.

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Profitable Hospitality

The Profitable Hospitality Management Systems, Marketing & Management Workshops and the Profitable Hospitality website are designed for chefs, managers and hospitality operators around the world.

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Food and Safety

This section provides information and practical resources for commercial kitchens to implement a food safety program.

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