The second edition of The Rotten Food Cookbook has now been launched.

If the previous edition wasn’t enough to get your banned from the kitchen, then the second edition will now give you more opportunities.


increasing from 48 to 64 pages. The extra mass has increased the fly swatting effectiveness by 38.2%.
new recipe “Nasti Goreng” to help use rice to cause food poisoning. After being questioned about rice on radio I thought I better mention it in the book.
food temperature charts in Celsius and Fahrenheit. Apparently some people still use Fahrenheit.
two food safety check lists – one for a commercial kitchen and a new one for home. Yes I can’t believe that the words “food safety” snuck into the book. I was a bit disappointed too.
specific tips for home, and for commercial kitchens. Next edition I need to add tips for “camp cooking”, “road trips”, and “astronauts”. For now, this is enough.
more bad jokes because you can never have too many.
new improved layout because if you can’t add any extra value, at least shuffle things around a bit. That’s what I have learnt from politics.

The first edition of The Rotten Food Cookbook was good, but the second edition is really good.

Over the next month we will update the web site with the new information.

Act now

Right now, however, you need to quickly buy 5 copies of The Rotten Food Cookbook in preparation for Christmas. You can never be too prepared.