Simon Marnie 702 Interview

This is my second radio interview. Simon Marnie has a much more relaxed weekend program and so were able to joke more as well as cover the essentials.

At the start we go through preparing a Chicken Seizure Salad. It was a good run through but I can’t believe that I forgot the failing to wash hands. One of the callers rang in with the suggestion of not washing hands. I’m so glad he did.

I have done a trial run of chicken seizure salad at William Clarke College last week and will be doing it again tomorrow at Model Farms High School. My aim is to make a video of it shortly, and then a video of Beef WellingUp (the infamous shopping trip). Ultimately this would make a great TV piece (IMHO). That’s what I’m aiming for.

But for now, enjoy the Simon Marnie interview. I have done some very basic labels on the way through just to show the topic, not the key sentences. It’s nearly Christmas and time is at a premium.